Cabinet Paint

Experience our top-of-the-line cabinet coatings.

Discover the benefits of Centurion™ Premium Industrial Interior Wood Coatings:

    • Decades of research and experimentation culminating in high-quality primers, sealers, and topcoats
    • Advanced protection that enhances the natural beauty of wood
    • Environmentally conscious with minimal environmental impact
    • Compliant with strict sustainability restrictions, including California’s regulations
    • Cutting-edge technology for stellar finishes
    • Proudly manufactured in the USA, positioning us as an emerging leader in sustainable and innovative products.

UltraPlate by California Paints

    • Satin urethane enhanced 100% acrylic finish
    • Outstanding leveling and adhesion
    • Creates a factory-like finish on cabinets, doors, and woodwork
    • Excellent for use on cabinetry, trim, shelving, and furniture
    • Extremely durable, washable, and scrubbable
    • Ideal for hard-to-adhere substrates
    • Utilizes a proprietary urethane-acrylic formulation