Specialty Products

Discover the Finest European Paints

West Side Decorating Center now offers Farrow and Ball paints and wallpapers.

Their exquisite paints boast rich pigmentation, crafted to complement every aspect of your surroundings. From their eco-friendly water-based paints with long-lasting finishes, achieving the highest emission grade, to their infinitely recyclable metal tins and waste reduction strategies, they are dedicated to minimizing their environmental footprint while ensuring uncompromised quality.

Mad Dog Specialty Primers

Achieve a superior finish with our product that offers a permanent, flexible, and breathable coating. Its glue-like grip ensures strong adhesion to substrates, while high solids by volume create an ideal surface for top-coat adhesion and cross-linking.

Experience exceptional longevity as it locks down and encapsulates peeling, cracking, worn, and weathered surfaces. Mad Dog’s formula excels in extreme weather conditions and is eco-friendly with low VOCs and odor. Mold and mildew resistance, along with easy soap and water cleanup, make it a top choice for lasting, high-quality results.