Symphony Countertops

Symphony countertops

Symphony, with its unique formulation and patented Nano-Ink Technology for printing, presents a durable and resilient product that faithfully replicates the elegance of natural stone. The inclusion of glass in the composition imparts a translucency equivalent to real marble, while achieving higher light reflection, brightness, and clarity compared to other engineered stone options. Symphony’s surfaces boast the purest white backgrounds with no visible grains in the particulate, creating a pristine and visually striking aesthetic.

The fabrication of Symphony maintains a seamless integration with conventional quartz surfacing processes. No modifications are necessary in terms of cutting techniques, consumable tooling, adhesives, or material handling when compared to traditional methods. While mitering is suggested for achieving sophisticated edge profiles, alternative options like knife edge/shark nose or straightforward straight polished edges offer a sleek and contemporary aesthetic without requiring any additional adjustments in the fabrication process. Symphony ensures ease of fabrication, allowing for flexibility and diverse design possibilities.

Textures Available

Polished Finish

The elegance of a super natural gloss surface.

Enigma surfaces’ Polish finish emphasizes the richness of the color and it’s veins.

Every single characteristic of the stone is shown through it’s unique translucent transparency, making any space become sophisticated, luxurious and contemporary.  The natural light remarkably reflects on Enigma polished finish to create an airy and vivid atmosphere.  The super natural gloss reveals beautiful patterns never seen before.

Its luster will endure forever due to a non-pourous smooth countertop, the perfect selection for a low maintenance surface.

Silk Finish

Enigma Surfaces’ Silk finish creates an enivornment of natural beauty by balancing the light through the countertop.

The color and veining are featured with amazing authenticity, bringingout natural characteristcs of the stone with no complex.  The absence of reflection adds character to any room and makes the ambience feel more real and attractive, asthetically impressive.

With minimal maintenance, this finish features a pleasant silken feeling that provides warmth but also shows a piece of bold design.