SurfPrep Sanding Systems

Discover our comprehensive range of Surfprep sander kits, vacuums, hoses, adapters, and sanding abrasives – all in stock and ready for immediate purchase.

Experience the ease of sanding hard-to-reach areas with SurfPrep’s contouring sanding sponges. Visit our showroom display and try the sander firsthand.

Tritech Paint Sprayers & Accessories

Experience top-tier precision with our advanced line of airless paint sprayers. Crafted specifically for the discerning professional, our high-tech machines feature Precision Motor Control (PMC) to deliver unparalleled efficiency and a consistently flawless spray pattern. Impeccably manufactured using only premium-grade stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, Tritech’s equipment sets the standard for durability and performance. Elevate your painting projects with technology designed for professionals.